The Relationship Ambulance: How To Improve Your Medical Dating Profile

When I entered the medical industry as a bona fide professional, I knew my time would be limited when it came to social distractions. As I work hard every single day, I realize that my future partner will need to completely understand my profession. With that reason in mind, that’s why I use medical dating online tools for my social life. To stand out from the medical crowd, however, I need to make some clear changes to my profile.

My initial profile draft includes all of my medical expertise and a picture of me in my requisite white coat. However, I blend into the crowd with this detail since everyone is a medical worker on this professional dating site. I need to stand out by showing my other interests. Details about my favorite locations across the globe and preferred hobbies become the focus of my profile. My profile picture also shows me riding my bicycle instead of reflecting my professional demeanor through a standard headshot.

As I post my picture, I hesitate for a moment. Showing my love for biking is great for my profile, but I have a stern look on my face. Men are always trying to show how tough they are and I’m no different. I need to find a photo where I’m smiling with relaxed body language. These photos make me look more inviting to potential partners. Crossed arms and a scowl on my face will only deter people from contacting me.

As I read through my profile’s description, it sounds like a list of traits. This profile doesn’t sound interesting or inviting so I change it. I decide to include an interesting story that’s unrelated to medicine. A funny anecdote shows off my interest, humor and draws readers to my profile. The list of traits that’s now deleted from the site is implied in my story. Reading a profile that sounds like a resume isn’t going to impress any people.

I read a few other medical dating profiles, and I realize that most people discuss what they can do for their potential partner. Although this information is attractive, the person reading the information simply wants to know about the person in the profile picture. I add a few lines about what I can do for a partner, but I largely focus on myself throughout the profile text.

Blind dating may not be the best choice for everyone, but this online medical platform is a clever alternative for my lifestyle. I’m able to meet like-minded individuals who can understand graveyard shifts and exhaustion. In the near future, I’m sure I’ll meet the right person who can stand by me as a partner for life.

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