The dating game as a single parent

single dad


Dedicate time
Be sure to dedicate time to dating. We understand as single parents you have a lot on your plate but when you do have down time make sure you get out the house and date.

Date light but smart
Every person you date doesn’t have to be “step parent material” sometimes it’s ok just to get out the house and have a grown up conversation that isn’t work related.

Be sure to keep open communication with both your kids and who you are dating. Whatever your expectations may be it’s important to communicate this.

Chose with caution
We understand as a single parent you may spend more time around other single parents, single coaches, or other adults affiliated with your kids. Be sure to date with caution, it may seem a great idea to date someone that is already has a relationship with your kids but if things go left it can be uncomfortable and conflict of interest.

Use your gut
If you see things getting serious while dating is sure to use your gut and make the ultimate best decision for your kids. If you are dating someone that doesn’t have kids or wants kids you must activate your 6th sense and be sure if this is a relationship worth it.

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