Stay joyfully single this holiday


We know the holiday season can be overbearing if you are single. Here is our list of remaining hopeful for love this holiday season, and staying joyfully single.

Tune out social media

Social media can be a bit overwhelming during the holiday season. Tune out social media and tune into your everyday life with a great book, smooth tunes, or even your favorite movie.

Get Crafty

Pinterest has a wealth of DIY projects and crafts, why not spend your time on a new project. There is something so rewarding about creating something with your hands.

Remember the reason for the season

Take away the gifts, crazy shopping days, and the festive lights. The holidays are truly a chance to celebrate the year with gratitude and thanks. Remember the reason for the season, this alone will put you in a great mood.

Hang out with love ones

Whether your love ones are distant aunts and uncles, friends, or coworkers, make it your business to get in some quality time with them. This pure undistracted time with them will keep you joyful this holiday seasons.

Count your blessings… literally

At times we get so focused on what we want we tend to forget what we already have. Spend a minute and simply count your blessings.

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