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long distance


So you are dating a hottie that isn’t a hop, skip, and a jump away! In other words, your boo thang is long distance. That’s ok, we understand as busy professional you can easily fall for someone quite a distance away.

Here are our tips on maintaining a long distance relationship.

Communication. Well duh, you knew that, but are you truly doing it. Make sure that you keep communication consistent.

Date nights. Make sure you are consistent with date nights. Now before you bring up the distance remember these date nights can be bi-weekly, monthly, or even virtually. Just make sure you set aside some face to face time.

Set Expectations. Set expectations on how long will the relationship remain long distance, how often should you communicate, and even if it will be an exclusive relationship.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overthink a missed phone call, a tagged photo on social media, or anything else that can be a simply mixed signal.

Be Trusting. Trust is a huge factor in having a long distance relationship if you have trust issues dating long distance will be the ultimate challenge.

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