Hold Up its a Hook Up
5 ways to avoid an awkward first date
A New Way to Find a New Love
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Hold Up its a Hook Up

There are some of us that look to establish a relationship while dating and there are some that are simply looking for a “hook up” in other words a carefree relationship with a focus on just the physical. If you are focusing on finding love and not a simple “hook up” then maybe these 4 tips will help you identify when someone is purely about the hook up. Doesn’t want to get to know you/ and not tell you much about them. If the person you are dating doesn’t ask questions to learn more about you and doesn’t tell youRead more

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5 ways to avoid an awkward first date

Ok so you met your potential Mr. or Mrs. Perfect and up next quite naturally is the first date. We know that when thinking about a first date it can be exciting and rather stressful. But don’t worry here are our 5 tips on making sure the first date is not an awkward one. Dress to impress. When you look good you feel good and exhibit a great confidence. Whether your first date is casual or dressy, make sure you look your best. Be yourself. Ok so we all know it’s important to be yourself, but so often we canRead more

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A New Way to Find a New Love

You absolutely deserve love, a fresh and exciting love! But just maybe your old ways are standing in your way. We all heard the excuses “there is no one out there” or “I am too busy for love.” But the fact of the matter, it’s the fear of trying something new that’s preventing you.   Here are our 3 tips on kicking those old ways to the curb and discovering love.   Say yes. Instead of crashing on the couch once you get off work, start saying yes to new adventures and outings. This one little exercise of saying yesRead more

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