Medicine And Nursing Experience As The Best Ice Breaker In Professional Dating

Our website can help you to break the ice because the members are interested in blind dating with medical professionals. Each member wants to have a very personal relationship with a professional who works in the healthcare industry. The traditional protocol for a medical office usually prohibits extremely personal relationships between employees because some workers could be offended. You can bypass that problem and quickly review the portfolios of physicians or nurses who are interested in medical dating. The portfolios have very detailed information, which can help you to meet new friends.

Office Protocol

Many professionals may not have an excellent opportunity for meeting a person who has similar priorities and personal goals. The code of conduct in a hospital could force an oncologist or an anesthesiologist to behave in a very impersonal manner. There may not be several opportunities for forming new friendships or for arranging to meet another worker at a museum. You can avoid those problems because your medical experience is a key ice breaker for our members.


The information on the portfolios can help you to start conversations and to move into a discovery phase with a new friend. You may be interested in bone marrow transplants or in clinical trials for new medications. The opportunity to quickly learn about our members will help you to avoid wasting time. There are many different kinds of jobs in the healthcare industry such as jobs for medical treatments or for administrative tasks. You may be trying to find a person who wants to change medical procedures or who wants to change office protocol.


A friendship could be professional or personal. When you learn about our members, you will be able to envision the potential of a friendship. There may be similarities with regard to personal goals, activities and family structure. You may want to work for the same hospital for more than thirty years and may also want to have specific activities for your children such as karate. Some professionals may believe that karate is too aggressive for children. You can review portfolios and privately decide if a radiologist, an optician, an orthopedic surgeon or an obstetrician would be a suitable candidate for a very personal relationship.

Personal Goals

There are several obstacles that could block you from forming new friendships. You may have a very hectic schedule and could also be prohibited from dating your colleagues. Our website can be used for meeting medical professionals and for forming new friendships. You can review portfolios and begin a new phase in your life. With a systematic approach, you can move forward with your personal goals and use professional dating to meet new friends.

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