Meaningful Medical Dating At The Hospital Cafeteria: Doctor’s Orders

We like to help medical professionals who want to meet each other and who also want to avoid the painful stress that be caused from blind dating. A convenient place for a preliminary meeting is a hospital cafeteria. There would be an excellent opportunity for forming an opinion and for making a new friend. Our dating website is an online meeting place for nurses, physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical professionals who want to bond with another person who understands the healthcare industry. The online profiles can be reviewed in the privacy of a home or office.

Meetings in a Hospital Cafeteria

The process for a blind date usually includes the obligation to be with another person during an event such as a basketball game or a visit to a museum. The two individuals interact and form opinions while cheering for a shot from center court or while commenting on the techniques for sculpting marble. A hospital cafeteria is a convenient place for a casual meeting. An anesthesiologist can chat with a radiologist while on a coffee break.

Friendly Atmosphere

A hospital cafeteria has a friendly atmosphere and is a place that is easy to leave if a situation becomes uncomfortable. Two medical professionals can relax and discuss personal interests. There would be more information for making a decision about spending more time with another person. If the topics in the discussion are not appealing, then a nurse could simply leave the cafeteria and return to his or her unit in the hospital. The meeting can be very friendly because the purpose of the meeting is to learn more information about another person.

Personal Opinions

The options for professional dating also provide an opportunity for expanding a social group. Many medical professionals have a business network. After interacting with an endocrinologist during a coffee break, an oncologist should be able to decide if that person would make an excellent future friend or would be suitable for a more personal relationship. Personal opinions are very valuable. The oncologist would be able to form a opinion that was based on a private discussion and not only on some information that had been posted on a website.


When a medical professional uses a dating website, that person can quickly connect with other professionals who have similar personal interests such as scuba diving or volunteering for community projects. A busy physical therapist may have very limited resources for making new friends. The process is extremely simply when a physical therapist can conveniently review profiles on a website and then quickly agree to meet a cardiologist in a hospital cafeteria. The options for medical dating can help busy professionals to make new friends.

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