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As summer ends and winter is just around the corner, everyone is in a rush to find love. You know that person to cuddle with during winter nights, and celebrate the holidays with. Here is our list on finding love before the winter arrives.

Try new methods. We mentioned this in previously blogs, but it never gets old. Always look for new methods to find love such as blind dates, or dating apps.

Shorten that list. Ok, so we all have a list of desirables but it may be time to trim that list down. Develop your must haves and eliminate any of those that are negotiable such as height, or hair color.

Visit new places. If you go to the same places, guess what you will meet the same people. Try visiting a new scene that is unique to meet someone new.

Narrow down options. If you are a serial dater this one is for you. Dating multiple people is fun, however it can be stopping you from really getting to know someone. Take a look at who you have been dating and truly narrow down where you see compatibility.

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