Dating Red Flags that should make you lace up your sneakers and run

Dating is hard enough. We want to equip you with a couple of quick red flags to let you know if when to keep it moving. Below are a list of red flags to look for in the early stages of dating.


If they are inconsistent about background, or  they are inconsistent about reaching out it could be they are not being completely honest or they are not interested. In this case remove yourself from the equation.


If they are lying about the smallest things, they very well can be lying about bigger things. Liars are very tricky and if you catch them in a lie, run…. Yes RUN!


If there is always drama surrounding them, they just may need some breathing room to get things together. Don’t feel bad about separating yourself.


We all met someone who was incredibly annoying but thought well “ they look good on paper” or “they are a little different.” Honestly if you find they are a bit annoying and hard to manage a conversation with, DON’T force it.

Doesn’t show genuine interest

If they don’t show genuine interest, don’t make excuses for them. In the beginning of dating most put their best foot forward. If they are showing lack of interest in the beginning,save yourself the heartache and move on.

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