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Online dating can be an interesting task, let us help with a quick click or click pass guide to help you narrow down your dating choices.

Too many pics
CLICK- Sometimes there is this notion that too many photos means they are vain, now too many selfies can mean vanity. However a lot of pictures means this person enjoys life, go ahead and click.

Lack of Information
CLICK PASS- That tall, dark, and mysterious notion is only for the guy at the Starbucks but it doesn’t apply to online. If there is a lack of information on their page they are usually hiding something or not truly invested in finding someone to date online.

Pet Pics
CLICK – Whether you are a pet lover or not. There is this special trait that pet lovers have, that makes them an easy more free loving person to date.

Me, Me, Me
CLICK PASS – Obviously on a dating profile they should provide a lot of details about themselves, but if it leaves that area of self-description to a bit narcissistic CLICK PASS.

Too X-Rated
CLICK PASS or CLICK PASS- Hey if you are looking for a quick fling, why not dive in with the person that lays it all out there. This way you know exactly what you are getting and it’s evident you are on the same page so there will be no feeling hurt. If you are looking for a serious relationship we suggest clicking pass. Save yourself the heartbreak.

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