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We witnessed many love stories come from online dating. Online dating is fun, and an amazing way to meet new people. Here are the people to avoid online to make sure you land your Mr./Mrs. Perfect!

The Serial Dater


    • Always online
    • Forgets your conversation or confuses you with someone else
    • Rushes the get to know you process
    • Hits it off with you but you never hear from them again

The Fraud


    • Tells you conflicting stories
    • Doesn’t have a lot of photos that seem consistent
    • Doesn’t tell a lot about themselves
    • Doesn’t accept invitation to hang out in public

The Onliner with no dates


    • Doesn’t ask you out or accept invitation to go out
    • Is online all day
    • Drags a text convo or call for days/ weeks
    • Never met anyone in person

The Creepster


    • A bit socially awkward
    • Knows more information about you than you provided
    • Avoids providing personal information about themselves

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