A Blind Dating Platform That Goes Far Deeper Than Appearances And Generalities

We have an online meeting place for medical professionals who want to learn about other professionals and who want to try blind dating before making decisions about personal relationships. The process for meeting friends is easy because portfolios are posted on the website. The members can share information about goals, personal values, lifestyles and also information about preferences for health and fitness. Friendships are usually based on a foundation that includes a common goal such as a preference for medical research or for supporting programs for recycling centers.


Many professionals are avid readers who understand that medical research must be reported and shared with other professionals. Communication skills can help professionals to effectively participate in the healthcare industry. The importance of communication is a shared value that can bond two individuals. Many oncologists are motivated by the challenges in cancer research and strenuously work to find new methods for treatments. Those oncologists understand that professionals must be aware of new procedures and that oncologists are on a team with other professionals such as radiologists and surgeons.

Personal Values

The thrill of living is enhanced when friends can share experiences. Each person has private beliefs, individual preferences and personal values that are used to control actions. Some physicians can experience a feeling of accomplishment after treating a young patient such as when a skin infection has been treated with an antibacterial cream. Nurses, anesthesiologists and podiatrists can bond while solving problems for patients because those professionals have common goals. An optician may want to meet other professionals who are trying to restructure the healthcare industry.


A lifestyle can change as an individual moves through the different stages of life. A young physician may want to travel and to work with professionals from different cultural backgrounds. An older physician may be content with reviewing medical literature, working a regular shift and then relaxing at home with his or her family. Some medical professionals may prefer to interact online while providing information that can be used to guide patients who are researching information about medical procedures.

Health and Fitness

The process for professional dating can have several dimensions because each person has unique priorities. Exercise programs may be an important treatment plan in some medical offices such as for a podiatrist who has a lucrative practice for treating marathon runners. An oncologist, radiologist and optician may decide to become vegetarians and to use strict exercise programs. Many healthcare professionals place a top priority on a healthy lifestyle and encourage the practice of preventative medicine. Our online meeting place can be used to simplify the process for medical dating and also to find new friends who have similar goals.

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