A Better Approach to People Interested in Professional Dating

Medicine might be one of the most well-respected professions in the world. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, cardiologists and pediatricians might work very long, exhausting shifts at the hospital. They have dedicated their lives to caring for sick people. Still, medical workers want a social life.

Medical dating can be a challenge due to the long hours and professional expectations. Dating at a health care facility could become awkward or even prohibited. MedProsMeet is a dating website that offers a better approach to people interested in professional dating.

Catch-22 of Medical Dating

Long hours in the basement of the hospital checking on patient records can be tedious. You might love your job, but you want some social connections outside of work.

You probably make a good income. The health care field is very lucrative attracting some of the smartest, most caring individuals in the world. The medical field also establishes very high guidelines for standards of care.

Doctors must see their patients in an objective manner to give them the best care. Some hospitals even establish rules for surgeons prohibiting them from operating on their own family members. There is a concern that subjective feelings could impede high quality care.

Therefore, while you might love your profession, you might also be stuck in a “Catch-22.” You are taught NOT to see others around you in emotional terms.

Not on My Shift

Time is another key factor. Those health care professionals who sacrifice and pick up extra shifts will naturally rise in the field. The hospital is open 24/7/365.

Unfortunately, many medical workers have rather odd hours. You might be returning home while others are waking up. Making your schedule synchronize with others can be tough.

In the perfect world you would want someone working at the same facility on the same shift in order to develop an emotional bond. But the chances of that happening are very rare. Plus, your facility may have rules against co-workers dating.

Getting to Know One Another

True love takes time. Blind dating is just the first step to what you hope will be the development of a long fruitful relationship. What if you don’t like some traits of someone you are dating?

Many hospitals forbid co-workers dating for that very reason. An EX might perform an unethical act trying to get back at their former love. That could reflect badly and lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Why is MedProsMeet Better?

Avoid the “conflicts of interest” and find like-minded health care professionals with MedProsMeet. Both parties know what to expect. You can protect your career, while nourishing your love life with MedProsMeet.

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  • A 34 year old female. Im a neonatal/ pediatric respiratory therapist. I have a dual bachelors from the university of Hartford. I work in a childrens hospital and am looking for someone to share my life with that understands the crazy hours we work.

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