5 ways to avoid an awkward first date

Ok so you met your potential Mr. or Mrs. Perfect and up next quite naturally is the first date. We know that when thinking about a first date it can be exciting and rather stressful. But don’t worry here are our 5 tips on making sure the first date is not an awkward one.

  1. Dress to impress. When you look good you feel good and exhibit a great confidence. Whether your first date is casual or dressy, make sure you look your best.
  2. Be yourself. Ok so we all know it’s important to be yourself, but so often we can play up or down our personality. Be your natural self on the first date, it’s ok.
  3. Pick a spot for engagement. Movies are always a great idea, but not necessarily for the first date. Pick a place where you can engage and have great conversation and not be distracted by your environment.
  4. Ask questions and listen for responses. One way to fill the void of awkward silence is simply by asking questions. And not just asking them but listening wholeheartedly, you would be surprise how much you learn.
  5. Stay in the Moment. Staying in the moment means tuning out digital world and turning off your cellphone. It means giving undivided attention to your date and ignoring all the outside distractions and focus in on the present.

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